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CSTERC is a youth-led Space Science & Technology Startup, exploring the fundamental science of our planets & the universe, develop technology to probe the atoms to the galaxies. Our custom-made telescopes are helping 100+ amateurs and students to explore the Space. We are on the mission to build the first “Space Science Technology Hub” for Students, Amateurs, and Public to explore, Experiment, and Educate.

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A group of teachers has identified 18 True signatures of Asteroids


Build your Own Telescope

Astronomy has always been a curiosity magnet, pulling the student’s interest to the vastness of science. But many people have never seen a telescopic view of stars, the waxing Moon, moving planets, or deep sky interstellar clouds.

We at CSTERC, a Bangalore-based Space Science and technology startup, aim to make space science education more accessible to all walks of life. The DIY telescope project is part of this mission.

Know your Sky Ask an Astronomer

Do you have any questions related to Space Science and Technology, Astronomy, Physics, Math. Here is our Student Ambassadors to help you to find the answer.

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